Classes, Camps,  and Private Tutoring

Cloud City Chess offers enrichment classes taught by professional chess instructors. 


We use various games, stories, imaginative play, chess variants, technology, and other entertaining and innovative methods that makes learning easy, exciting, and fun. 


We use these creative and modern methods of instruction to encourage learning as a lifelong skill.  We use every tool available for instruction and we make a concerted effort to accommodate each individual child’s needs.


The class offers lessons, chess play with one on one instruction, and game twists that reinforce what we have learned. We also use numerous strategic chess variants and adaptations that keep things interesting.


Children learn how to; play properly, tactical chess, positional chess, and strategies of chess.


We offer mini camps through out the year as well as week long summer camps.


We also offer private tutoring.


If you are a school, teacher, or parent interested in starting a chess program, it is easy!


Cloud City provides the tools and the expertise. Just contact us and will do our best to accommodate your needs.




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